Palworld Criminal Activity Underway: What You Need to Know

Stay ahead in Palworld by understanding 'Criminal Activity Underway' warnings. Our guide helps you clear Wanted status and play worry-free.

In Palworld, if you accidentally harm a friendly NPC or wander into a restricted area, you’ll see a quick message: “Criminal activity underway.” It might feel strange since the message disappears fast and there are no immediate consequences. But, it’s the game’s method of letting you know you’ve done something wrong.

What Does Criminal Activity Underway Mean in Palworld?

The “Criminal Activity Underway” warning in Palworld means you’ve done something that breaks the rules, like hurting a friendly NPC or entering a place you shouldn’t.

However, you’re not immediately labeled as “Wanted” because no one has seen you do it. It’s a warning. If the game’s police, the PIDF, catch you after this warning, they will consider you “Wanted.” Then, they start chasing you. They won’t stop until they catch you or you manage to escape.

This warning often appears if you enter a Wildlife Sanctuary. These areas are protected. You’re not allowed to catch or harm Pals there. The PIDF patrols these sanctuaries. If they don’t see you, you’re safe.

But if they spot you, the warning changes to “Trespassing.” That means you are now “Wanted.” You’ll realize they’ve seen you when you see the “You’ve been spotted” alert.

How to avoid the “Criminal Activity Underway” warning and clear your Palworld wanted status

To avoid the “Criminal Activity Underway” alert in Palworld, just don’t get caught. To make this warning go away, stop what you’re doing wrong. Stay out of sight for about five seconds. If you’re in a no-go zone like a sanctuary, leave it. If you’ve hurt a friendly character, don’t do it again. The message will disappear, and you’ll be fine.

You can also choose to ignore the warning. Just stay away from other NPCs and the police. This is key if you’re trying to catch rare Pals like Lyleen and Grizzbolt in Wildlife Sanctuaries.

If you end up with a Wanted status, your best move is to run. Find a spot far from the game’s police to hide. While there are other ways to clear your Wanted status in Palworld, running is usually your safest bet!

How to Remove Wanted Status in Palworld

To clear your Wanted status in Palworld, you have specific strategies to follow after your activities raise your status from “Criminal Activity Underway” to “Wanted.” At this stage, the game intensifies as PIDF Guards appear to address your violations.

Here’s how to deal with it:

  1. Die: As grim as it sounds, letting the PIDF Guards catch and eliminate you reset your status back to normal. Once they’ve dealt with you, your Wanted status is removed, allowing you to resume your game without any penalties.
  2. Fight: Confrontation with PIDF Guards can escalate your Wanted status. However, a loophole exists if your Pals engage in the fight instead of you. Since your Pals’ actions don’t increase your Wanted level, you can strategically use them to fend off the guards, thereby clearing your Wanted status without additional consequences.

The “Criminal Activity Underway” alert serves as a preliminary warning, signaling that your actions are against the game’s laws. It’s a prompt to halt any illicit activity before things escalate further to a Wanted status.

That wraps up our guide on navigating the “Criminal Activity Underway” warning in Palworld. We hope this information helps you manage your in-game status more effectively.

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