Where to find the Farmer’s Fireplace in Enshrouded

Confused about locating the Farmer’s Fireplace in Enshrouded? Get all the answers and guidance you need right here.

In Enshrouded, finding the Farmer’s Fireplace can be tricky. Many quests are linked in complex ways. If you’re stuck on making a fireplace for the Farmer to cook popcorn, you’re not alone. This guide aims to help with that challenge.

How to find the Farmer’s Fireplace in Enshrouded

how to find the farmers fireplace in enshrouded

Finding the Farmer’s Fireplace in Enshrouded is a unique task. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Start with the “Fireplace for the Farmer” quest. This is part of the main Enshrouded questline.
  2. First, do the “Reach the Capital, Pikemead’s Reach” quest. It’s a long one but necessary.
  3. Next, build a forge for the Blacksmith. He’s an NPC you can invite early. This step is crucial to unlock the Fireplace quest.
  4. Once the quest is active, check your Journal for details.
  5. Go to Pikemead’s Reach, in the north part of the map. Here’s what to do there:
    • Visit the Flame Sanctum.
    • Find a lore book, “Veiled in Holy Light“, near Raul’s remains.
    • Beside the book, you’ll find the Kettle recipe.
  6. Get the Kettle, then return to your base.
  7. In the Build menu, select the Kettle recipe to build the fireplace for the Farmer.
  8. This completes the quest!

Just follow these steps, and you’ll help the Farmer with her fireplace in no time.

That’s everything you need to know about finding the Farmer’s Fireplace in Enshrouded. We hope this guide has been helpful. For more, check out How To Get Bonemeal In Enshrouded, How To Get Flintstone In Enshrouded, and How To Find Hardwood In Enshrouded, and explore our gaming section for additional insights.

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