How Big is Palworld Map Size?

Explore Palworld's map size. It's about 16 square kilometers, smaller than some open-world games.

Curious about Palworld’s map size? Open worlds can be overwhelming. Let’s dive in and discuss how big Palworld’s map really is.

Palworld Map Size

Palworld is not too vast. It measures around 16 square kilometres, about six square miles. That’s smaller than many open-world games.

Palworld’s map is unique and handcrafted, not procedurally generated. Every player gets the same map, but your base location can make your home look different. The map size feels just right, not too big or empty. As it’s still in Early Access, the map might expand in the full release. With over 100 Pals to find, this size seems perfect.

The game features varied regions, some hot, some cold, needing special gear. Once more players explore Palworld, we’ll better understand the map’s full size.

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