radioshack twitter hacked

Has RadioShack twitter hacked by Hackers?

According to Mashable, this is what RadioShack recently tweeted, which caused many people to believe that it had been hacked.

RadioShack twitter hacked

RadioShack used to be where your dad and even grandparents bought their electronics. Radioshack has evolved into a blockchain company with its own cryptocurrency exchange, the Radio Shack Swap. The company also has its own token, $RADIO, which is currently worth about a penny.

RadioShack continues to sell electronics, but their website is now a cryptocurrency platform. Because of this, the company began tweeting more hip content.

It’s also not the first time RadioShack has gone viral. It tweeted on June 16th, “who else high af rn?”

That day on June 28, it wrote on twitter “Taking the second half of an edible after feeling nothing from the first half is always a bad idea. This chocolate bar got me out here fighting for my life.”