Shireen Mazari PTI Arrested in Islamabad

Shireen Mazari, a former federal minister and senior PTI leader, was arrested by Punjab’s anti-corruption department on Saturday, Islamabad Police said.

the PTI leader was taken into police custody in a case related to the encroachment of a piece of land in District Rajanpur.

The complaint against the PTI representative was submitted at the request of Deputy Commissioner Rajanpur, and the FIR was registered by the Punjab Anti-Corruption Establishment.

Mazari is accused of encroaching on personal land. On March 11, 2022, a complaint was filed against her, and AC Rajanpur was instructed to investigate the situation.

The concerned official prepared a report of the case on April 8 and that in the light of this, the Anti-Corruption Establishment registered a criminal case under its Rules 2014.

Following the arrest, the PTI moved the Islamabad High Court (IHC) and revealed to hold country-wide protests at 7pm later on today.