Telegram Premium Version with Extra Features will Launch Soon

Last month, rumours circulated that Telegram was planning to launch a Telegram premium tier with additional features similar to Discord Nitro or Slack Pro. Pavel Durov, a company executive, has now confirmed that it is obviously happening.

This paid tier will be called Telegram Premium, and it is expected to go live later this month. All of the current free features will remain free for everyone. Even better, Telegram has announced that the free tier will receive new features as well, though no details have been released.

Durov has not revealed any details about Telegram Premium, but he has stated that it will allow “anyone to acquire additional features, speed, and resources.” He also stated that users will be able to support Telegram and be among the first to receive new features.

Free users will be able to indirectly benefit from Telegram Premium by viewing extra-large documents sent by Premium users, saving their media and stickers, and using their premium reactions.

At last, the executive also said Telegram’s experiments with advertisements on public channels have been likely to succeed, but he still likes to think the service should really be supported by users rather than advertisers. And this is where Telegram Premium comes in to help users support the app.