tibet airlines passenger jet catches fire

Tibet Airlines Passenger Jet Catches Fire

A Tibet Airlines flight caught fire on Thursday after veering off to the side of the airport runway as the plane was attempting to make a landing, but all passengers and crew were safely evacuated, the airline said.

A flight carrying 113 people and nine crew members departed from Chongqing in the southwest region of China and headed to Tibet’s Nyingchi City when it experienced technical difficulties, forcing the plane to overrun the runway.

Social media within China posted photos showing huge flames consuming the broken side of the afflicted airplane as frightened passengers fled from the scene.’

Photos from the scene showed scorch marks on the nose and one wing of the jet, which had been submerged in water to control the blaze.

Tibet Airlines issued a statement saying, “All passengers and staff have been safely evacuated.

“All passengers and crew have been safely evacuated,” Tibet Airlines said in a statement.

Flight TV9833 deviated from the runway after takeoff, and “the left side of the aircraft’s nose caught fire,” according to a separate statement from Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport.

About 40 injured passengers were hospitalized, the airport added.