watch muslims offer tarawih prayers for 1st time at new york's times square

Watch Muslims offer Tarawih Prayers for 1st time at New York’s Times Square

Muslims offer Tarawih prayers for 1st time at New York’s Times Square. Hundreds of Muslims gathering at the world famous site, Times Square, in the United States to offer Tarawih prayers as the holy month of Ramadan has begun. 

Videos circulating on social media like twitter or fb shows a larger of Muslims are offering the prayers at the iconic site.

It is for the first time that Muslims offered the special prayer at the iconic site in New York where arrangements for Iftar were also made. 

During the event, some speakers also highlighted the significance of Ramadan and fasting. 

I am here to explain our religion to all those that don’t know what Islam is all about,” the organizer, identified as SQ, told CBS news. “Islam is a religion of peace.”