where was the summer i turned pretty filmed

Where Was The Summer I Turned Pretty Filmed?

Amazon Prime Video has started up its answer to To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Jenny Han’s new frothy rom-com, The Summer I Turned Pretty, is being streamed by the streamer.

The series, which premiered on June 17, follows Isabel “Belly” Conklin (Lola Tung), a teen who becomes embroiled in a love triangle with two of her longtime friends: Conrad (Christopher Briney) and Jeremiah (Jason Lee) (Gavin Casalegno).

While the brothers have always seen Belly as nothing more than a friend, their relationships change one fateful summer, leaving Belly torn between Conrad, whom she’s always had a crush on, and his brother, who unexpectedly falls for her.

Most of this appears to take place in the town of Cousins Beach, where Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah spend a lot of time in the sun and sand to the accompaniment of a Taylor Swift soundtrack.

If watching The Summer I Turned Pretty has you fantasizing about a trip to Cousins Beach, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to find out if Cousins Beach exists and where The Summer I Turned Pretty was filmed.

Where Was The Summer I Turned Pretty Filmed?

While Belly vacations at Cousins Beach every year in The Summer I Turned Pretty, the idyllic vacation spot is unfortunately about as real as she is — that is to say, completely fictitious.

Han, the showrunner and author of The Summer I Turned Pretty, told Amazon Prime Video that she “had a lot of beaches in [her] head” while writing the book. “I think that’s part of the reason why people can read the book and feel like [Cousins Beach] is their beach,” she says.

Han told TODAY that she was inspired by Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, as well as New York’s Hamptons and North Carolina’s Nags Head.

While Han imagined beaches from all over the east coast while writing her book, the show chose North Carolina as its filming location. The Summer I Turned Pretty was shot in Wilmington, North Carolina, according to IMDb. So, if you’re looking for your own summer love triangle, we recommend channeling Belly and planning your own trip to the port city.