How to Respec Passives and Skill Points in Last Epoch

Here's a our guide to help you bypass the queue time and log in to Last Epoch efficiently.

Are you playing Last Epoch and want to change your Mastery Skill Points? It’s easy once you know how. This guide will show you the simple steps to adjust your Mastery Skill Points so your character can become even stronger in the way you want.

How to Respec Mastery Skill Points in the Last Epoch

Respecing Mastery Skill Points in Last Epoch is straightforward once you know where to look. Whether you’re tweaking your build or overhauling it entirely, here’s how to adjust your Mastery Skill Points to better suit your play style:

Step 1: Look for the NPC with a Purple Brain Icon

In the game, when you’re in any big town, you need to find a special character (NPC) who can help you change your Mastery Skill Points. This NPC has a purple brain icon above its head. It’s your sign that you’ve found the right person!

Step 2: Talk to the NPC

Go up to this NPC and start talking to them. They will give you some options to choose from. Look for an option that says something about changing your Mastery Points. Click on that.

Step 3: Choose the Points to Change

After you choose to change your Mastery Points, you’ll see all your points on the screen. Now, find the point you don’t want anymore and click on it. The game will ask you to pay some gold to take that point back. This means you can use it somewhere else later.


  • It Costs Gold: Changing points isn’t free. You need gold, so make sure you have enough.
  • One by One: You can only change one point at a time. You can’t take away all the points at once.
  • Think About It: Take your time to decide which points to change. You’re making your character fit your playing style better, so choose wisely!

How To Respec Skill Points in the Last Epoch

Respeccing points in your Skills & Specializations tree in the Last Epoch is quite straightforward and convenient. You have the flexibility to do this from anywhere in the game. Here’s how you can easily adjust your skill points:

Step 1: Open Your Skills Menu

First, you need to get to your skills. You can do this anywhere in the game, no need to find a special person. Just press ‘S‘ on your keyboard, and your skills menu will pop up.

Step 2: Pick the Skill to Change

Now that you see all your skills, click on the one you want to change. You’re looking to either take some points out of it or start over with a new skill.

Step 3: Choose How to Change It

After you select your skill, you’ll see a couple of options on how to change it:

  • Remove Skill Points: This lets you take back points one at a time. Each point you remove will cost you a bit of experience. So, if you just want to adjust a few points, use this option.
  • Despecialize Skill: This option takes away all the points from that skill and lets you pick a new skill to put points into. Don’t worry; you won’t lose everything. Your new skill will start with a level a bit lower than where you left off. For example, if you remove a skill at level 20, the new skill you choose will start at level 10.


  • No Rush: Take your time to think about which skills you want to change. It’s all about making your character match how you like to play.
  • Experiment: It’s okay to try different skills and see what you like best. That’s part of the fun!

And there you have it! Now you know how to adjust your Mastery and Skill Passives in Last Epoch. I hope this guide helps you navigate the choices and challenges in Eterra with confidence. For more tips, tricks, and guides on your favorite games, don’t forget to visit our gaming section.

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