Palworld Mounted Machine Gun Not Working? How to Fix it!

Fix Palworld's mounted machine gun issues with these easy steps.

Do you love playing Palworld? But, are you having trouble with the mounted machine gun not working right? Don’t worry! We’ve got some simple tips to help you fix it and get back to having fun in the game. Let’s dive in and make your Palworld adventure smooth and enjoyable again!

Why is the Mounted Machine Gun Not Working in Palworld?

Playing Palworld is super fun! But sometimes, the Mounted Machine Gun you use might not work, or your Pals might not know how to use it. This can happen for a few reasons. Maybe there’s a small mistake in the game, or perhaps we didn’t set the gun up correctly. Sometimes, your Pals just need a little more practice with it.

Don’t worry, though! It’s pretty common for these things to happen, and fixing them is easy. We’ll figure out how to fix this together, so you and your Pals can have even more fun in Palworld!

How to Fix Palworld Mounted Machine Gun Not Working

If your mounted machine guns aren’t working as well as you’d like, try repositioning them. The game’s mechanics require enemies to be within a certain range for Pals to engage. If the enemies are targeting you, your Pals, or your base, your Pals will not attack until the enemies come into this range. Attacking enemies outside this range may prevent them from responding.

Another method is to position your defences near places where enemies spawn, especially near cliffs. This can encourage the AI to engage earlier. However, use caution with this strategy to avoid wasting space or risking your Pals falling off cliffs or getting stuck.

In addition to optimizing your machine gun placement, here are further steps to ensure a smoother Palworld experience:

  • Update the Game: Make sure your Palworld game is always the latest version. The people who make the game sometimes send out updates that can fix small problems, like issues with the big gun. It’s an easy step that can make a big difference.
  • Restart the Game: If something’s not working right, try turning the game off and then back on. It’s like giving your game a quick nap, and it might solve the problem when it wakes up!
  • Train Your Pals: Your Pals need to know how to use the big gun properly. Sometimes, they just need a little more practice. Spend some time training them, and you’ll see improvements.
  • Report Bugs: If you find a glitch or something that doesn’t work right, tell the people who make the game. They’re always looking to fix problems so the game can be even better next time.
  • Connect with the Community: Talking to other players can help a lot. Someone else might have had the same problem and figured out how to fix it. Sharing what’s going on can lead to some great advice.
  • Seek Support: Still having trouble? There’s a team ready to help you with any problems in the game. Reach out to the game’s support team, and they’ll do their best to get you back to having fun.

By applying these easy fixes and understanding the game mechanics better, you can greatly enhance your Palworld experience. Enjoy your adventure and continue exploring with your Pals!

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